Our equipment is state of the art. We have Klindex machines (Italy) CoorKleever (Spain)
Services offered:

small jobs:
- Enlargement of stove hole, hot plate (granite, marble, quarters)
-Modify existing counter. (granite, marble, quartz)
-Repair crack in counter (granite, marble, quartz)
-Repair repair on counter (granite, marble, quartz)

- Counter polishing (granite, marble, quartz)
- Shower wall polishing and waterproofing (marble)
-Vanity polishing, bath tower, window sill (marble and granite)
-Repair of holes or crack in wall (marble, granite)
- Leveling and polishing of Marble and granite
- Repair of terrazzo crack, hole, wall base
- Terrazzo polishing with diamonds

It is very important to understand the different ways of polishing marble. We are very proactive on polishing with full diamonds, this is the most durable and gives the ultimate finish!
It has polishing with the honing pads, this consists of 2 or 3 steps before the polishing powder.

It has DIP polishing which is buffers with diamond. A procedure that started only 10 years ago gives very good results.

There is the crystallization polishing. All this is much to understand.

Full diamond polishing gives the ultimate results. If the floor has been laid or is in very good condition, polishing with powder only will be required.

All its must be determined on the spot, because with photo or telephone it is impossible to determine. One thing sure we will suggest you what you need.


Anthony Lipari Inc